A BRIDE WALKS INTO A BAR – “Escape With Me” by Kristen Proby

Princess Material?

O’Callaghans’ is a popular spot with locals and tourists alike and Keegan’s life pretty much belongs to his Irish pub. That’s not to imply he doesn’t date but he hasn’t been serious about any one woman, even though they often throw themselves at him. Yep, he’s that hunky. And then one rainy day as he is preparing to open the bar, his heart nearly stops when a vision in white walks in. What Keegan sees bears no resemblance to reality because Izzy (Isabella) Harris is drenched from driving through the rain with the top down on her convertible. In reality she looks like a third world refugee in her soaked to the skin wedding dress. Izzy is an honest to God “runaway bride”. You could say she got cold feet but really she got smart, recognizing her mistake before it was too late. She drove with no destination in mind from Salem Oregon to Seattle and then took the ferry to the island. Izzy just knew she had to get away from her controlling parents and the man they’d chosen for her. She has her phone, her car, very little money and no clothes except the ruined gown she has on. That’s all. But Keegan takes her in, caring for her as if she’s an orphaned kitten.

It’s not that Keegan is all that altruistic, although he is a good man who loves his family. The reality is, when he first saw Izzy, he saw a princess. And when their eyes locked, he knew in his heart she would be ‘his’ princess. But Keegan recognizes she’s frightened, very much alone and in need of a friendly helping hand. So he hires her to help out in the bar and the O’Callaghan sisters lend her clothes and make her feel welcome too. It isn’t long before Keegan and Izzy cave to their desires and Izzy now knows what it feels like to be cherished. And what was supposed to be temporary starts to feel very permanent. But is Izzy willing to play second fiddle to Keegan’s pub? Would she settle for that or would Keegan even expect her to? Sometimes his sisters poke their noses in where they don’t belong.

“Escape With Me” is the third of five books in the With Me In Seattle – The O’Callaghans Series by Kristen Proby. The characters and their dialogue are authentic – so real they could be my neighbors. For that matter, I really wish they were my neighbors. Proby gives us solid backgrounds for her characters so we understand their motivations and as likable as they are, they’re flawed same as the rest of us. Which is probably why they feel like family. I’ve been a Proby fan for a few years and marvel at the continued freshness and originality of her writing. Five stars.

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