Oil and Water Don’t Mix – “Imagine With Me” by Kristen Proby

A writer shouldn’t have to see her work twisted into an unrecognizable disaster. At least that was Lexie Perry’s thinking as she bargained for creative control on the screenplay of one of her best-selling thrillers. But Shawn O’Callaghan has written some blockbuster hits and he knows that what works with the written word doesn’t always transfer to film. Reading leaves the visual interpretation up to the reader, whereas a screenplay is a visual adaptation of those words. A Lexie and Shawn collaboration is akin to trying to mix oil and water. Doesn’t work. Shawn is easy going, slow to rile and Lexie is his polar opposite. She’s uptight and prefers her own company to that of others and she doesn’t like having to move out of her comfort zone. Further complicating their working relationship is the sexual chemistry between the pair, with their imaginations running wild at the possibilities ahead of them.

Oil and Water

With the clock ticking toward their deadline and little to no progress on the project, they agree to move their work space to the O’Callaghan’s island off the coast of Seattle. The beauty of the island with its laid back atmosphere and Shawn’s welcoming family is a balm for Lexie’s soul. Shawn is smitten with her and the sexual tension between them quickly builds to a fever pitch. If he can coax her out of her self-imposed exile they can find a way to each give a little and gain a lot and make this movie a success. And perhaps that success will spill over into something more than a mutually satisfying sexual experience. Maybe. Who knows?

“Imagine With Me” is Book Two in the O’Callaghans series and Book Fifteen in the With Me In Seattle series by Kristen Proby. As book boyfriends go, I’m loving the O’Callaghan men so far. They’re so much more than handsome hunks. Shawn is family-oriented, loyal, talented and a generous lover who know his way around a woman’s body. What’s not to like about that? On the other hand, Lexie’s quirky ways make her an endearing character and I enjoyed seeing her realize her potential. The plot is essentially the development of their relationship and how they fit into the ever increasing O’Callaghan tribe. Some people might call it a beach read and that’s okay. It’s got enough depth that it kept me reading straight through and enjoying every page. Five stars.

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