Friends To Lovers – “Forever in Cape May” by Jennifer Probst

Trust and friendship are basic requirements for a great love. That’s not to say all friendships result in a lovers relationship because they don’t. Pierce Powers and Taylor Sunshine can attest to that truth. They’ve been BFFs for what seems like forever and except for one catastrophic attempt years ago, their relationship has been purely platonic. It was a “lesson learned, we won’t go there ever again” moment and they haven’t. Until now. It was a weak moment when they were both a bit tipsy and their guards were down and it was so good they decided to continue, but on the QT since Taylor is leaving for Paris in a few weeks.

Friendship First

Taylor’s dream to paint and study art in Paris was put on hold to help her sisters with Sunshine Bridal after the death of their parents but now it’s time for her to realize her dreams. Pierce always said his happy place is Cape May and he’s carved out a niche as a successful wedding photographer. Even though he’s secretly been in love with Taylor for years, he would never hold her back. As the expiration date on their relationship looms ever closer, Pierce and Taylor ignore any niggling doubts and continue with their long held plans. Surely they’ll be happy because this is what they want. Isn’t it?

A classic friends-to-lovers romance, “Forever in Cape May” is the third book in the series by Jennifer Probst and, in my opinion, has the most depth. The characters are more complex and conflicted, especially Taylor. At times she seems selfish, blithely accepting Pierce’s giving nature. Only it’s really not a one-sided affair. She is hell-bent in her artistic drive to see if her work is good enough to be recognized and Pierce is fully supportive as he figures out what path he wants to take in his professional journey. Four stars.

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