For Tough Jobs, Use a Hammer – Review of “Act of Terror” by Marc Cameron

OSI agent Jericho Quinn wants to protect the innocent and, as a hammer, he can wield sufficient blunt force to help level the playing field. Quinn is dispatched to Afghanistan to locate an orphanage that indoctrinates children, raising them to hate Americans and using them as terrorists. For now his usual sidekick, Marine Gunnery Sgt. Jacques Thibodaux is replaced by OSI Agent Veronica Rivera, posing as Quinn’s newlywed wife on this assignment. Husband and wife honeymooning in Afghanistan? Okaaay, if you say so.

Choose the Right Tool for the Job

The recent proliferation of terrorist attacks on American soil precipitated Quinn’s assignment but the heat has been turned up to a rolling boil with the release of a “black list” of America’s enemies, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the McCarthy era. And the dirty politician who created the list also added Quinn’s name to it. Quinn and now too Rivera not only have to cope with the perils of travel over the mountains into Afghanistan, they must also fight off the evil doers from within our own government. And when Quinn is captured by the terrorists he is subjected to unspeakable acts of torture.

Marc Cameron’s “Act of Terror” is Book Two in his Jericho Quinn series and it takes up where “National Security” left off. Quinn isn’t your average hero. He speaks Arabic and Mandarin as fluently as English and has a better than average grasp of three other languages. Plus his physical prowess and martial arts skills are none too shabby. ‘Course his personal life is a mess but that goes without saying when someone is married to his job. But he adores his five year old daughter who is a violin prodigy and he still loves his ex-wife. Messed up for sure but it’s my opinion that’s what makes Quinn such a fascinating character.

Lest I forget, as in the first book, the plot is multilayered with almost too many subplots to keep track of but somehow author Cameron controls all those strings, neatly braiding them into one strong rope that kept me flipping pages. I will admit to a certain level of incredulity at some of Quinn’s escapes from seemingly impossible situations but what the hey, it’s fiction and damned good entertainment. Four stars.

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