Beauty, Brains, Skill & Snark – “An Unexpected Distraction” by Catherine Bybee

When your only brother calls and asks you to come home, you go and ask why later. After a trans- continental flight into Heathrow “Jax” (Jacqueline)  Simon is disheartened to learn her parents are divorcing and neither of them is willing to say why. But as a trained operative with MacBain Security and Solutions, Jax knows how to uncover secrets and she’s determined get to the truth, especially about why they sent her to Richter in Germany where she developed and honed her many skills, one of which is fighting.

Richter Grads Excel

Andrew Craig agrees to pick up his best mate’s sister at the airport. Harry said “she’s a handful” but what he didn’t say is she’s also drop-dead gorgeous. When Jax mistakes Andrew for a “driver” he plays along with it for the chance to get to know her.

But Jax doesn’t want to get involved with anyone. She lives in California and loves it. Andrew makes no secret of his developing feelings and open admiration for Jax, and together they discover that Richter has resumed its’ covert operations of training children as spies and assassins and then blackmailing the parents to keep it all hush-hush. The growing attraction between Jax and Andrew is nearly overshadowed by the secrets they’re uncovering and when the secrets turn deadly, their lives are threatened.

“An Unexpected Distraction” is the third book in the Richter series. As Jax’ story unfolds there are subtle reminders and references to the first two books that told Claire’s and Sasha’s stories. In my opinion Jax is the perfect mix of beauty, brains, skill and snark. And Andrew is the perfect foil for her. He’s awed by her job and her skills and he’s manly enough to say so. The double-edged plot of the “whys” of Richter and the reason behind her parents imminent divorce gives some real depth to this final book in the series. As I’ve stated before, Catherine Bybee is one of my favorite authors and I look forward to anything she writes. Four and a half stars.

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