A Superhero Thriller – Review of “National Security” by Marc Cameron

Well, butter my biscuit and call me dazzled by Jericho Quinn, Marc Cameron’s superhero who must be trying to knock Brad Thor’s Scott Harvath off his throne. Can he do it? I dunno but it should be fun to watch them duke it out. This seems to be a natural question seeing as how I just finished reading “National Security”, Book One of the Jericho Quinn series. After my last few reads in the romance and romantic comedy genres I was ready for an action/adventure/thriller and “National Security” did a good job of satisfying my craving. Were It not for the cliffhanger ending I probably would’ve rated this five stars. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Bent on U.S. Destruction

Jericho Quinn is an OSI operative who answers to the DNI, ala Scott Harvath, meaning the manpower, tools and nearly unlimited power used by both superheroes to catch the bad guys are not subject to Congressional oversight. Not quite unlimited power but mighty close to it. But Quinn also has a colorful and interesting Cajun sidekick, USMC Gunnery Sergeant Jacques Thibodaux. His Aw Shucks demeanor is belied by his intimidating size and razor sharp wit. The plot is multilayered and ultimately centers on what has become an unfortunate stereotypical middle eastern plot to annihilate “The Great Satan”. That’s less a criticism than an observation of reality in the world of fiction.

Still in all, “National Security” is a good yarn and I’m looking forward to Book Two in the series. Four stars.

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