The Ripple Effect – Review of “Happily Letter After” by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

Our actions are like pebbles in a pond, the ripples spreading far and wide, often causing reactions over which we have little to no control. And so it was when Sadie responded to a little girl’s letter to Santa. It began innocently enough with Birdies’ wish to cheer up her dad who seldom smiled since her mother’s death. Sadie too had lost her mother to the ravages of cancer at the same age so she felt a deep kinship with this little girl. As a magazine advice columnist, Sadie began to look forward to Birdies’ letters and when she saw Sebastian, Birdies’ dad, the intrigue ramped up to a new level. It went from Sadie almost stalking Sebastian to pretending to be a dog trainer for Birdie’s goofy but lovable Great Dane so she could gain entry to their fashionable West side residence. But the fun didn’t stop there. Regardless of Sadie’s drooling over Sebastian, her true affection for Birdie was not to be denied and within a very short time they grew very close. As Sebastian witnessed the positive changes in Birdie he eventually let down his guard and began to see Sadie in a different light. She brought a lightness to his heart that he’d never expected to experience since losing his wife. Who knew that Sadie’s honest intention of a good deed could have such wide-ranging repercussions?

Like Ripples in a Pond

“Happily Letter After” is a romantic comedy with an extra helping of heart by my favorite writing duo, Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward. It has everything you could ask for; laughs, tender moments, some tears, and some steamy sex scenes to keep things interesting and real. After some disappointing personal news, it was exactly the pick-me-up I needed. So thank you my lovelies for a rollicking good read. Five stars.

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