Friends-to-lovers – Review of “Crossing the Line” by Kendall Ryan

Bailey just graduated medical school and after a much needed two weeks off, will begin her residency as an M.D.  in Internal Medicine. After years of keeping her nose to the grindstone she’s earned a breather. But when her friend Asher is put on the NHL injured list with a concussion and a pulled groin muscle, Bailey is recruited from their circle of friends to accompany him and monitor his condition when he goes to his grandmother’s 85th birthday party. Unknown to each other or their friends is that they share an unacknowledged mutual attraction. They had no way to know that nothing would ever be the same after a week of  togetherness. Will they be able to resist temptation or do they even want to?

Hot Jocks #4

Kendall Ryan’s “Crossing the Line”, published January 20, 2020 is a cute friends-to-lovers romantic comedy with engaging characters. They’re easy to like, as are the secondary characters, especially Grandma Lolli. This is Book Four of the Hot Jocks series and it has its’ endearing moments that don’t quite jibe with the opening description of Asher’s fits of rage, both on and off the ice. Yes, he’s apparently grown up and seen the error of his ways but we have no clue as to what precipitated that change of heart. Nor do we know much about Bailey’s earlier life except that she’s an only child and highly motivated to succeed. More character development would’ve added dimension to these leading characters.

The plot is very similar to Helena Hunting’s “Favor for a Favor” published only eight days later on January 20, 2020). Both books involve an NHL hockey player with a pulled groin muscle but Hunting’s female protagonist is a newly minted licensed physiotherapist looking to break into the pro hockey world. Weird coincidence isn’t it? Still, “Crossing the Line” is cute and has its’ moments. It has good bones but I was hoping for a little more meat. Three and a half stars.

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