Passion-Filled – Review of “All For You” by Jennifer Probst

The heart of a lion and skin as thick as an armadillo’s are basic requirements if one hopes to succeed in the world of advertising. Ariel Devlin has already proven herself but she knows she can’t slack off because there’s always someone willing to take her place. To counteract the negative effects on her mind and body from this dog-eat-dog environment, Ariel enrolls at a yoga school. The meditation, breathing exercises and physical discipline of the asanas (poses) begin to pay off but the yoga instructor is distracting her focus.

Yoga Guru

As owner and instructor of a yoga studio, Grant Madison has one hard and fast rule. Never ever get involved with a student. Be the best yoga  instructor, but keep everyone on a strictly professional level. No exceptions. Pre-Ariel, that policy wasn’t an issue. Now, with Ariel as his student, his resolve crumbles like stale cookies. But Grant insists on keeping their relationship on the down low because he knows it would be a source of friction in the school. Given her outspoken manner, Ariel doesn’t like it but she reluctantly agrees to abide by his conditions. However, neither is prepared for the fallout when they are outed and  acknowledge their love for one another.

“All For You” is a passion-filled love story between two equally strong characters. Ariel projects a powerful personae that is amplified by her take-no-prisoners attitude and her truck driver’s language. Grant is an equally strong character, even though he appears to be considerably more subdued. But as the saying goes; still waters run deep and Grant is all that and more. Author Jennifer Probst did a masterful job fleshing out these two dynamic personalities and then quietly but deftly revealing the weaker spots that enrich their vulnerabilities. What a treasure! Five stars.

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