Player’s Choice – Review of “Well Played” by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

Presley was glad to be back in Beaufort, SC and excited at the prospect of fixing up The Palm Inn that Gramps left half of to Alex, her seven year old son, with her as conservator. The other half-owner is Levi Miller, her exe’s brother, Alex’s uncle, and an NFL quarterback. Presley is determined to bring the inn back to its old glory as a B&B despite Levi’s desire to sell it to a developer who plans to level it and build fancy condos or some such. It’s not like Levi ‘needs’ the money. He’s got plenty already.

NFL Themed Romance

Even with the constant push-pull of their opposing intentions for the inn, Presley continues with her plans to renovate and restore and Levi is impressed by her passion for the inn. That passion gradually spills over and ignites the sparks that are ever present when they are in the same room. But there are opposing forces that must be dealt with if they ever hope to be together. Tanner, Presley’s ex, is Levi’s brother and he refuses to accept that Presley wants nothing but a co-parent relationship with him. Considering the possible fallout, can a relationship between Presley and Levi ever succeed?

“Well Played” is a delicious love story that is so good I immediately went back to page one and re-read the entire book. I have never, ever done that but I just didn’t want it to end. The characters are authentic and you can’t help but love them. It’s not often that I feel such an affinity for both protagonists but my favorite dynamic duo authors, Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward made it happen. Five stars.

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