Second Chances – “Penthouse Prince” by Kendall Ryan

Corrigan practically grew up with Lex since he was her brother’s best friend. He was more than her first love, he was her only love although they kept their relationship on the down low. But Lex broke her heart ten years ago when he left for college and never come back. Before leaving he made it a point to break up with Corrigan, leaving her heart in tatters.

Lexington Dane may be a wealthy and powerful real estate tycoon in the Big Apple now but he’s putty in the hands of his two year old daughter Grier. His buddies give him a hard time about his lack of a social life, but as a single dad Lex is so exhausted at days end all he wants to do is fall into bed and sleep. Until the next day when he gets to do it all again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

But life happens and things change. Corrigan never left Wilmington, NC. She’s been teaching first grade for five years and school is out for the summer. Lex moved back to be close to his ailing mother and he hires Corrigan as a nanny for Grier. Although neither will admit it, they still have feelings for each other. Working in such close proximity it isn’t long before those feelings are acknowledged. But can Corrigan accept Lexington’s apology and let go of the anger and resentment she nursed for ten years?

“Penthouse Prince” is a standalone second chance romance by Kendall Ryan. It’s a cute, light, beach read, which is what I was in the mood for after two gritty action/adventure thrillers. I saw many comments from reviewers who were put off by Corrigan’s lack of backbone but matters of the heart are rarely logical. Three and a half stars.

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