DNF “Broken” by Rebecca Zanetti

I really hate having to DNF a book but I couldn’t make it past chapter eleven. I liked the dual protagonists well enough, although Wolfe’s guilt complex was way overdone and was wearing me out. Rebecca Zanetti’s “Broken” is Book three in her Deep Ops series and the plot premise had potential but it wasn’t showing signs of being realized. The writing is immature and pretentious with inane analogies made in failed attempts at avoiding cliches, e.g. “Dana pounced on the name like a hound on a quail scent.” Hounds are scent animals and hunt by tracking. Their prey are usually rabbits, rodents, raccoons, possums, etc., but not game birds. Zanetti clearly doesn’t know the difference. Minor detail? Detail yes, but not so minor and any serious writer takes the time to check the details because they do matter.

“Broken” has been living on my Kindle for a year or more. I should’ve left it there. Did Not Finish!

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