Some Things Aren’t to be Shared – Review of “Loving You Always” by Kennedy Ryan

Kerris Moreton has abandonment issues. Growing up in the foster system doesn’t deter her and through hard work and perseverance she is awarded a full scholarship by the Bennett Foundation. Following graduation her life is intertwined with both Cameron Mitchell and Walsh Bennett who are lifelong friends and as close as brothers. Because Kerris feels unworthy of Walsh she settles for marriage to Cam. In an unguarded moment she and Walsh share a kiss that proves to be a life-changing catalyst for all their lives.

Second Chance Romance

“Loving You Always” is Book Two in The Bennetts series and the sequel to “When You Are Mine”. Author Kennedy Ryan has packed it with equal servings of poignancy, joy and romance. This was a very satisfying re-read for me because I somehow failed to review it the first time around. I like the way Ms Ryan handles a love story. She gets to the heart of her characters and by the end her readers feel like they’ve been visiting with old friends. We feel their pain and rejoice in their happiness and don’t want it to end. Four stars.

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