Not All Aristocrats are Snobs – Review of “The Aristocrat” by Penelope Ward

Felicity’s curiosity about the new neighbors gets the better of her so she pulls out the binoculars to get a closer look  and gets an eyeful of a gorgeous hunk under the outdoor shower. Yup. In all his naked glory ’cause who showers with their clothes on? But she gets caught by his roomie who is checking her out with his binoculars. The two Brits, Leo and Sig are winding up their U.S. tour and renting a house for the summer. When Felicity runs into them in town the connection with Leo is instantaneous and mutual, with Sigmund playing the foil. They spend an idyllic summer together knowing there is an end date to their relationship. Their worlds are divided by more than just a continent. Although not of his choosing, as a member of the nobility Leo cannot ignore his family duties and responsibilities. And Felicity, who has always guarded her heart, leaves as planned for law school in Pennsylvania.

Titled But Not Entitled

Fast forward five years to when Felicity comes home and finds a letter from Leo that turns her inside out, prompting her rapid departure for England. But her reception is ill-timed and not well regarded. In trying to avoid heartbreak Felicity now realizes that Leo is her soulmate and she let him walk out of her life.

Author Penelope Ward has done it again with “The Aristocrat”, a touching love story that had me reading straight through in one sitting. The characters are credible and totally likable although Felicity’s reticence began to wear on me before she got her head on straight. The dialogue is delicious, especially with the British slang expressions, and the pacing is perfect. After the last few books I needed one of my Go-To authors for a guaranteed good read. Five stars

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