Sophomoric at Best – Review of “Reining Her In” by Katie Ashley

I should’ve learned by now to not ignore numerous low-rated book reviews. I try to keep an open mind and not be unduly influenced by them considering they’re colored by the reader’s tastes. However, in the case of “Reining Her In” they were spot on. The plot is a second chance romance between veterinarian Payton Beasley and developer Declan St. James. Ten years earlier Declan left Peyton at the altar and she’s hated him ever since. She’s returned to her hometown to take over her now deceased grandfather’s practice and Declan has custody of his four year old son by the town slut. ‘Nuff drama for you? Yeah, me too. (Eye roll here) A decade later Declan is full of remorse for having been an immature jerk and he sets out to make amends and prove to Peyton that he loved her then and loves her still but he was sure they were too young and he did the right thing. (Spare me!)

Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover

There’s nothing glaringly wrong with the plot premise but the characters are unbelievable on so many levels that I don’t know where to start so I’m just gonna’ take a pass on that. Author Katie Ashley should know the difference between veterinary and veterinarian. One refers to “veterinary medicine (adjective)” and a “veterinarian (noun) – one who practices veterinary medicine”. More than once she referred to it as “veterinarian medicine” and “veterinarian clinic”. Gah! Added to those gaffes are too many instances of basic grammar errors where verb tenses don’t agree, errors in word usage and basically lame dialogue. Even the best authors make use of proofreaders and copy editors that know their stuff. Glaring errors such as this contains should never see print, even in a free ebook. Two stars.

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