Flirting is Like Spice – Review of “Flirt With Me” by Kristen Proby

After the last two books I read I was hungry for something that would slake my thirst for romance. Since I already had a Kristen Proby title uploaded and waiting for my reading pleasure it only took one click and I was good to go. “Flirt With Me” is number four in The O’Callaghans which has its origins in the With Me In Seattle series.

Maeve O’Callaghan is a full-time realtor by day and a few evenings a week she helps out at her brother’s Irish pub. When Maeve is waiting on patrons in the pub she is outgoing and a little flirty. She doesn’t ‘need’ the second job but the O’Callaghans are a close-knit clan and the pub is a family affair, noted for its ambiance and exceptionally good food.

Hunter Meyers is anxious to move his fifteen year old daughter to a smaller, quieter atmosphere and the island off Puget Sound seems like it was tailor-made for them. As a single dad he retired early from his hugely successful career as an MMA fighter so he could devote more time to Rachel. But nothing in his background equipped him to deal with a surly teenager who seems hell-bent on getting into trouble and generally giving her dad a hard time.

Maeve first encountered Hunter at the pub and enjoyed flirting with the hunky patron. But imagine their mutual surprise when Maeve realizes Hunter is her first appointment the next day.  He’s a prospective buyer who wants to look at houses with a view of the Sound. The connection they felt at the pub was real and it doesn’t take long to make that connection more than a feeling. Everything is copacetic until Hunter’s past intervenes and turns it all upside down.

As always, Proby’s characters are so likable that you wish they were your friends and neighbors. Even the uber-wealthy ones are solid and down-to-earth. The romance between Maeve and Hunter is equally believable and swoony and Proby adds just the right touch of dramatic tension and suspense to keep it from being sugary sweet. Four stars.

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