A Do-Over of Mega Proportions – Review of “Rainbow Six” by Tom Clancy

Why not create a dystopian event paving the way for utopia? All for the greater good, right? But who are these arbiters of our fate? Former Navy SEAL John Clark is now heading up a multinational paramilitary unit known as Rainbow, an off-the-books op, the sole focus of which is to combat terrorism wherever it rears its ugly head. There’s no shortage of power seekers and this time Clark and his number two unit leader Domingo “Ding” Chavez are sent in on three seemingly unrelated incidents in three different countries, which they dispense with easily. But number four is so stunningly diabolical that its success would mean the end to life as we know it. No amount of training could possibly be considered preparation for such as that.

A Better World?

Tom Clancy is considered by many as one of the best storytellers of the modern age and “Rainbow Six” confronts us with a group of terrorists such as the world has never seen. First published in 1998 one of the primary characters is a former KGB agent who was one of many affected by their RIF (Reduction in Forces) following the fall of the USSR in 1991. His involvement is at the crux of this complex tale. The intricate plot is multi-pronged but woefully slow to get out of the starting gate. Once it finally gets into high gear it’s chock full of suspenseful twists and turns and is pure Clancy, all 916 pages. Four stars.

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