The Twin Connection – Review of “Identical Death” by Alexa Padgett

The Twin Bond

The connection between twins is commonly accepted as a valid phenomenon so we can believe that Cici Gurule actually “hears” her sister Aci’s (Anna Carmen’s) last words uttered from across the country right at the moment of her violent death. But what Cici doesn’t know is WHO killed her sister in the middle of a busy street, jam-packed with hundreds of  people on a pilgrimage or WHY she was killed. In “Identical Death” author Alexa Padgett introduces Reverend Cici (Cecelia) Gurule  as she struggles to adapt to life without her twin sister. This prologue is a novella, the purpose of which is to set the stage for the first book in the series “A Pilgrimage to Death”. “Identical Death” is a brief read of a mere 90 pages which introduces the twins and their friends, co-workers and close acquaintances but we are not given any real background on Cici and Aci. So I will dispense with any further critique of “Identical Death” and get started on Book One. As for this novella with no plot, here’s hoping for better things to come. Three stars.

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