PRESUMED SAFE – Review of “Deathtoll” by Dana Marton

Thinking they were finally safe from attempts on their lives, Murph Dolan and Kate Bridges have resumed their lives in Broslin Creek and are seemingly happy and content. But Kate isn’t happy and content. Well, to her patients that are dealing with PTSD, she is the epitome of patience and understanding. However her benevolent attitude doesn’t extend to Murph, regardless of his unwavering love and support. Kate says she still loves him but her on again, off again moodiness says otherwise and Murph is mystified at her mixed signals. As a combat veteran he isn’t afraid of a fight but in this case he can’t identify the enemy or a reason for the conflict. As Kate and Murph strive to regain their equilibrium their arch enemy who was presumed dead suddenly reappears and they are in a fight for their lives.

Safety Can’t Be Overrated

“Deathtoll” is the last in the eight book Broslin Creek series. I read books one and two last year and then somehow skipped to book eight. In many series each book can be read as a standalone but based on my experience, I don’t recommend that for this particular series. I do plan to go back and fill in the gaps with books three through seven though because I like Dana Marton’s writing style. Her stories are meaty thrillers with relatable characters and plots that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Four stars.

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