FREE ALWAYS COSTS – Review of “The Missing” by Kiersten Modglin

FREE seldom is. Truly free that is. There’s usually a catch or conditions. A cost of one kind or another. When five people – total strangers – accept offers of a free boat ride, they wind up stranded on an uninhabited island, left to fend for themselves for food, water, and shelter. And then they learn that only one of them will leave the island alive. Those who are “The Missing” are instructed to forget about getting off the island and focus on staying alive. And trust no one.

Costs Add Up

The character development is so thorough that we get to know each of the five. Their strengths, their weaknesses and their idiosyncrasies. The protagonist is one of the two women in the group, also serving as narrator. This plot is reminiscent of the long running “Survivor” series, of which I watched only one episode. Nothing against the series. I’m just not a TV watcher. I’m a reader and author Kiersten Modglin delivered an original thriller that kept me reading straight through to the end. It’s full of twists and turns and a hard look at humanity. That which, in addition to opposable thumbs, is supposed to set us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. But sometimes man’s baser instincts prevail. So don’t make any assumptions about “The Missing”. Five stars.

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