Pure, Unadulterated Reacher – Review of “Make Me” by Lee Child

When Reacher asks a simple question he has a reasonable expectation of getting an answer, as does most anyone. So when he asks why this place in the middle of a mammoth corn field is called Mother’s Rest he’s understandably bemused when he gets shrugs and non-answers from the locals. As if it’s a deep, dark secret. Then he meets former FBI agent turned private investigator, Michelle Chang who has nearly given up hope that her associate will be on the next incoming train. At his request she was to meet him here and she mistakes Reacher for him. Reacher’s curious nature about the origin of the town’s name leads to a tangled web of secrecy that belies the innocence of his inquiries. Far be it for Reacher to back down from a challenge though and soon the locals are hell bent on a cover-up of massive proportions. What Reacher and Chang have to figure out is what they’re hiding and what makes it worth the huge investment. Plus they still don’t know what happened to Chang’s associate and why he wanted her help.

I had “Make Me” marked as “Read” in my Goodreads list so this is officially a re-read and I’m happy to note that I thoroughly enjoyed it the second time around, possibly more so than the first. This is pure, unadulterated Reacher. Author Lee Child is a master craftsman. He has honed Reacher like a fine-tuned instrument and Book number twenty in the series is so tightly plotted that the town’s dirty secret is a last minute blockbuster reveal. Hang onto your seat when you start this one. Five stars.

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