Rodeo Circuit Researcher – Review of “Desert Heat” by Kat Martin

Boston born and bred Patience Sinclair wants to experience a grand western adventure before settling down as an Assistant Professor. It’s also the perfect backdrop for finishing her PhD dissertation on the history of rodeo cowgirls. To that end she finds an affordable used pickup truck and travel trailer and arranges to travel incognito with a barrel racer companion on the western rodeo circuit. Patience assumes the rodeo participants will be more likely to speak freely if they don’t know why she’s asking.

Too Hot to Touch

Before she can get to her first live rodeo performance an overheated radiator facilitates her inauspicious introduction to the handsome and egotistical World Champion Rodeo Rider, Dallas Kingman. Their shared animosity is soon replaced by a mutual and powerful physical attraction. But strange ‘accidents’ begin to occur, seemingly unconnected, all of which are costly and detrimental to Dallas’ uncle who is the rodeo promoter. The question is; who is behind these mysterious so-called  accidents and what is the purpose?

“Desert Heat” is Kat Martin’s second book in the Sinclair Sisters Trilogy. The well-crafted plot kept me reading deep into the wee hours (4 a.m.). The dual protagonists are likable and believable and the secondary characters do some of the heavy lifting to flesh out the storyline. I admire Kat Martin’s storytelling talent and her writing style. However her repeated use of this sophomoric phrase had me grinding my teeth:

"He was kissing her and kissing her and kissing her."

Really? That little gem or some variation of it appears no fewer than eight times throughout this book. It sounds like something a ten year old would write. Unbelievably inane. Its inclusion makes “Desert Heat” only four stars.

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