Syrupy Sweet – Review of “Somebody to Love” by Sharon Sala

After accidentally erasing with a single keystroke three nearly completed reviews, this is going to be very brief. In “Somebody to Love” the characters are so sweet they made my teeth hurt and the caring, community minded secondary characters are equally over the top. The only tension that felt authentic was the wayward twins that wound up in the pokey and Hunt’s secretive brothers and sisters. The rest were falling all over themselves trying to be “nice”.

The plot premise is solid and could have been much more interesting without the addition of artificial sweeteners. Ava’s attraction to Hunt may have begun as a little girl’s crush, but it was still believable as an adult. However, Hunt’s case of insta-love defies belief. Author Sala gets major props for the ER incident and the resulting drama. The writing in this Blessings Georgia story doesn’t quite measure up to Sala’s usually high standards. Except for one love scene, it could have been aimed at the YA market. Three stars.

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