Vintage Nora Roberts in E-Book Format – Review of “The Art of Deception”

An eccentric artist duo, father and daughter Phillip and Kirby Fairchild, are each famous in their own right. When fellow artist Adam Haines arrives at their gothic-style mansion ostensibly in search of a quiet place to paint, they’re unaware he’s really there to investigate a possible insurance fraud.

There is a powerful attraction between Kirby and Adam which they initially resist but eventually give in to and wind up doing the nasty. When there are two attempts on Kirby’s life Adam realizes his feelings for her are serious and he owes her the truth about why he’s there. He must keep Kirby safe while he finds out who is responsible, while also locating the missing Rembrandt.

“The Art of Deception” was originally published in 1986 and the ebook version of this romantic suspense has not been updated to fit the 21st century. Cigarettes are still the norm and the absence of modern technology is notable. The plot is solid but unlike other vintage Roberts books, the writing has not stood the test of time. The syntax and grammar are solid but there’s no sizzle, no authentic emotions. The only word that comes to mind is DULL. Even the romantic passages are ho-hum. The best I can do on this one is three stars.

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