Sizzling Hot! A review of “Lush” by K.D. Elizabeth

I’m always down for a steamy romance and “Lush” sounded promising, especially on the steamy side but since this would be my first experience with K.D. Elizabeth’s work, I wasn’t sure what to expect so I settled in to find out. The narrative is delivered in alternating chapters by dual protagonists, Nathan King and Jude Shaw. When Jude makes her presence known in Nathan’s bar in Ovid, Georgia the instantaneous connection is scary in its intensity. It’s as if they each know what the other wants and the only discussion is where and how soon it can happen. Imagine their surprise post-hookup when they realize they’ll be working together to introduce and distribute Nathan’s unique small-batch bourbon that he has spent years perfecting. Jude has been instructed to stay in Ovid for a month to wrap up any loose ends in preparation for bringing Nathan’s label under her company’s corporate umbrella and since they’ve already done the dirty, why stop now? As they spend the month in a mutually satisfying state of bliss there are other forces working against their efforts with plans to sabotage Nathan’s success and bankrupt him in the process. Is Jude in on it or is she being used?

The self-introduction from Nathan in the opening chapter made me want to immediately consign “Lush” to the DNF file but I resisted the impulse and continued reading. At first I thought this guy is unbelievably egotistical and thinks he’s God’s gift to women, but it’s just a form of self protection. As Jude soon learns, Nathan is truly one of the good guys. Jude’s personae is that of a self-confident, tough but ethical business woman who doesn’t suffer fools. Her track record is good but signing Nathan will boost her visibility and propel her to the front of the line for a promotion. So she sees this as a win-win for all the players. But as Robert Burns said about the best laid plans of mice and men; regardless of preparation and planning, the outcome doesn’t always measure up to our expectations.

“Lush” is the fourth book of The King Brothers series and it definitely delivers as promised on the steam. On the plus side, the character development is thorough and the writing is good and grammatically correct. The plot however is  predictable. But, if you enjoy fairly explicit bedroom scenes with accompanying sexy pillow talk then you’re gonna’ like “Lush”. Four stars.

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