Good vs Evil – A review of “Stolen Thoughts” by Tim Tigner

Good vs Evil – Not Always Black or White

Everyone has secrets. Many are harmless or at least innocuous – just your average, everyday stream of consciousness. Observations, criticisms, opinions – internal self-speak about whatever is happening in your life at any given moment. But what if others could read your thoughts in real time? A wife would know immediately if her husband was cheating and vice versa. Your boss would know exactly what you think of him and his lack of managerial skills. And your best friend would know without a doubt that you were lying when she asked if that dress made her look fat. Tim Tigner’s latest book “”Stolen Thoughts” explores the possibilities on a much grander scale.

Victoria Pixler spent a decade at Cal Tech developing the technology to read people’s thoughts and finally had a breakthrough. Faced with the ramifications of the evil that could be unleashed if her discovery became public and fell into the wrong hands, she knew it had to be kept secret. It offered tremendous benefits but by the same token, the potential for evil was staggering. As a way to use her discovery for good and also see some self-benefit for her ten years in development, she and her best friend and partner, Quentin Bacca, aka Chewie, went to Las Vegas to perform as Cassandra the psychic. After two unsuccessful attempts on her life, Vicky knew that whoever wanted her dead had to know about her discovery and had likely made a similar breakthrough. She was not prepared to give up and yet her life was in imminent danger until she knew who was trying to kill her.

Tim Tigner has done it again. The plot of “Stolen Thoughts” is exponentially more complex and frightening than anything he has written to date and I have read everything he has had published. The action is non-stop and riveting. The characters are fresh and fully developed but what I found intriguing is the tightrope the protagonist has to walk to avoid actions and deeds that would bring her down to the level of those who want her dead. The struggle between good and evil is a universal one that Tigner has put under a powerful microscope for his readers to examine. Five stars.

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