Thankful for Second Chances – Review of “You Belong With Me” by Kristen Proby

Elena’s problem was in the nature of a Solomon’s decision. She could either give up the love of her life or see him killed by the mob. Either way, she would lose him but at least she could keep him safe. Being the daughter of a mob boss may have its privileges but the penalties can outweigh them. Elena and Archer were high school sweethearts and after graduation, they eloped figuring once the deed was done her father would be forced to accept it. He not only refused to accept it he told Elena in no uncertain terms he would have Archer killed. Knowing her father was easily capable of having his threats carried out she had to make a clean break with Archer. Of necessity, the breakup was brutal and Elena had to leave. She wanted to get as far away as possible from the long arms of tthe mob and all its influence.

Fast forward twelve years and Elena, now known as Ally, lives in Oregon and works for a non-profit animal rescue organization. Her parents are dead and she even bought a small cottage near enough to the ocean for walks on the beach when the notion strikes. But Archer never stopped searching for his Elena and he eventually tracks her down. If Archer could find her, is she kidding herself about being safe from the mob? The mafia never forgets.

“You Belong With Me” is Book 14 of the With Me in Seattle series and Book 4 of The Crawfords series by Kristen Proby and is a slightly different take on the second chance romance plot. As always Proby makes her characters come alive so you get to know and care for them. It is tightly written with a plot that pulls you in and keeps you rivited right to the end.

I want to avoid any spoilers but be forewarned, if you’re squeamish there are aspects of this book that might make you uncomfortable. Given the mob connection of the plot, it shouldn’t be surprising but I’m unaccustomed to encountering hard-core violence in a Kristen Proby novel. And I’m still not sure if I plan to read more in the Crawford series. That said, the romantic side is enjoyable and Proby all the way. Four stars.

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