Playing for Keeps – Book Review of “Park Avenue Player” by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward

I just finished a re-read of “Park Avenue Player”. A rarity for me, which was purely accidental. The title came up in one of my feeds and I didn’t bother to check Goodreads to see if I had read it. I had, but once I began my re-read I couldn’t stop.

My favorite writing duo is P. Ward and V. Keeland because their plots are always original, the dialogue is fresh and the characters are people you’d like to get to know and the romance will make your heart go pitter-patter, that is when it’s not racing from the smexy love scenes. But isn’t that what those of us who love the genre are looking for in a good book? “Park Avenue Playboy” meets all the criteria and then some.

Elodie just wants to get out of her current dead-end job and back to what she loves, which is taking care of kids. Hollis La Croix, playboy extraordinaire, now has his pre-pubescent “troubled” niece living with him and is in dire need of a competent nanny. Given that his initial meeting with Elodie was inauspicious at best, he’s not exactly impressed with her qualifications. But Elodie and Hailey hit it off right away so Hollis agrees to a trial run. What he didn’t bargain for was the sparks flying between him and Elodie. Can they ignore their magnetic attraction and each keep their distance or is the pull stronger than their resistance?

I loved Elodie but Hollis took a lot more effort. Once I finally got his backstory it was easier to find some empathy for him but by that time I’d built such a strong dislike for him that it was hard to turn it off. However, Elodie and her relationship with Hailey is fun to follow since they relate to each other so well. Teenagers, by their nature are difficult but Elodie has already experienced what Hailey is struggling with so it is easy for them to develop a deep rapport. The witty and fresh dialogue makes for some fun reading but there is plenty of angst to go around too. As I try to wrap this up, my initial aversion to Hollis colors my rating of four and a half stars. But as the umpire said, I calls ‘em like I sees ‘em.

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