One Unforgettable Night – Review of “The Rebel” by Kendall Ryan

Hockey is in Eden Wynn’s blood. She grew up steeped in the magic of the game at her grandfather’s side.  But her grandpa has passed and Eden is now the team’s owner. And the fans aren’t happy that a young, single woman is now the owner of “their” team, nor for that matter, is the team too thrilled at the prospect.  Eden has received some threats and as head of security, Holt Rossi is taking those threats seriously. He and Eden have a history from back in their college days and even though she walked away back then, Holt will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Their one steamy night together is more than a vague memory to both Eden and Holt and their sexual connection hasn’t diminished, even a little. If anything, it’s more intense than ever. Everyone knows that hockey fans are noted for their enthusiasm, which can easily boil over to a dangerous level. Now it’s Holt’s job to ensure none of that danger touches Eden.

“The Rebel” narrative is delivered in alternating chapters by our two protagonists and they keep the action moving along. It’s packed full of tension, romance and angst. Added to the mix is the intrigue of a romance on the down-low. It wouldn’t do anything to improve Eden’s already shaky image and would most likely give her even less credibility than she now has, which is too little already. Can Eden inspire them to work as a cohesive unit and again be a winning team? Can Holt hold onto her this time while keeping her safe, and in his bed?

This is Book one in Kendall Ryan’s Looking to Score Series and, as always, there is romance, intrigue, conflict and angst to spare. The characters aren’t just likable, they’re lovable. Okay, not all are lovable but most are. In this  book, hockey serves more as a vehicle than a plot. But that’s okay because the relationship between the characters is the focus, rather than the game itself. The pacing is perfect with no lulls or distractions. And speaking of distractions, what a pleasure it is to NOT be distracted by typos, misspelled words and mixed up homophones.

Kendall Ryan has penned another compelling second chance romance and if “The Rebel” is a taste of what’s to come, I won’t be late for the next course. Four stars.

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