‘Wild Child’ Grows Up – A review of “Making It Right” by Catherine Bybee

In Catherine Bybee’s “Making It Right”, the third and last of the Most Likely To series, Jo Ward is the Sheriff of River Bend. She is following in her deceased father’s footsteps, which is surprising given that she was one of  the town’s wild bunch of teenagers and she gave her dad plenty of grief over it. Rightly or not, the children of public officials and church leaders, are held to a higher standard. They think they’re being singled out but their rebellion only adds fuel to the fire, even though those rebellious emotions are part and parcel of what’s known as “adolescent angst”.

Jo’s life now consists of her job as sheriff and occasional get-togethers with her two BFFs, Zoe and Mel. No man her life, not even the occasional date. So when she’s scheduled to go to an FBI training seminar at Quantico, Jo schedules a couple days extra for some “me time” to let her hair down and have a little fun before the seminar begins. She ends up in a bar that’s off the beaten path, looking to hook up with a guy. She avoids the suit and tie types who wouldn’t likely frequent the bar she’s chosen anyway. When she spots her target, getting his attention is easy-peasy ‘cuz she’s dressed for success. Once a mutual attraction is confirmed, it’s just a matter of establishing the ground rules, most of which is accomplished non-verbally and then they’re in the elevator, headed to his room. Neither of them uses their real names – Jo introduces herself as Anne and Mr Hottie calls himself Rocco. I guess it’s better than “Hey You”. Following a night of multiple orgasms, Jo leaves Mr Hottie, aka Rocco, in a deep orgasm-induced slumber as she quietly dresses and tiptoes out of his life and back to her hotel. Totally satisfied and okay in knowing she’d never see him again, even though the sex was better than anything she’d ever experienced, she easily falls into a deep sleep.

Imagine Jo’s surprise Monday morning when her FBI instructor, Gill Clausen, turns out to be none other than Rocco himself. I think that qualifies as an “Oh s**t” moment.  However, they maintain their composure and neither reveals any prior knowledge of the other. Through the week, they are forced to interact publicly but privately they settle their differences and pick up where they left off on the weekend.

For ten years Jo has been trying to establish that her dad did not kill himself while cleaning his service revolver but she’s been unable to back up her theory. Gill offers to look at the file and help if he can. Even though Jo is commitment phobic, she gradually let’s Gill in and they see each other as frequently as possible, given that he lives two hours away. When Gill begins asking questions in River Bend, someone gets nervous and bad things happen to Jo. She is seriously injured when the brakes on her cruiser fail. But when she survives the crash, the killer steps up his game. Can Jo and Gill figure out who is behind it before the killer succeeds?

Readers were introduced to Jo “Anne” Ward in the first two books of the series but Gill is a new and welcome addition. The two personalities are perfect foils for each other and their romantic encounters create enough steam to peel off the wallpaper. Um hmm. Bybee’s plot in “Making It Right” is tightly woven and kept me on the edge of my seat right up to the epilogue. I have thoroughly enjoyed all three books in the Most Likely To series but this one is hands down my favorite. Five stars.

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