“SEAL’s Desire” Equals a Hot Romance by Makenna Jameison – A Review

I’m a sucker for a good Navy SEAL yarn – the camaraderie, team loyalty and all-around hero type characters devoted to successful completion of their mission, with the caveat that no one will be left behind. So that was my mindset when I settled in to enjoy “SEAL’s Desire”. I’ve read a couple SEAL novels by Makenna Jameison and, on the whole, they offer an entertaining read.

This story opens somewhere in the rainforest of Colombia where biologist Clarissa has been collecting and recording water samples as part of a research project. Except for a single guide, she’s working alone and is captured by what appears to be a middle eastern terrorist group that has tied her to a tent pole. Unbeknownst to her a SEAL team has been sent in to take out the terrorists and the team is equally unaware of Clarissa’s presence. Team leader Blake has been having a personal existential crisis as he’s come to realise that his mindless bar hopping and bimbo bedding activities have become tiresome, which makes him wonder if he still fits in with his team. Once he finds Clarissa he’s committed to her safety, even though he’s convinced he’s just doing his job. But telling himself it’s not personal doesn’t make it true.

This is an okay read if you can ignore the sophomoric dialogue and the typos and miscellaneous grammar faux pas. Anyone who reads my blog “read my lips.life” knows those are sore spots with me and that my tolerance level for sloppy writing and/or editing is not very high. If you can’t run and keep up with the big dogs, then don’t get off of the porch. (If you expect to be taken seriously in the publishing world it would behoove you to pay attention to the details.)

Seriously, the plot premise is good but so much dialogue was wasted early on by focusing on the carousing and bar hopping pastimes of the whole team that I was tempted to DNF the book. However, I’m glad I hung in and finished it. The writing improved and the typos quit showing up and I was able to settle in and enjoy a romantic suspense. No, it won’t likely win any literary awards but that wasn’t what I was looking for when I chose it to read. Three and a half stars.

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