Prince Charming Lives Up to His Title – A review of “Taunting Callum” by Kristen Proby

If you’re a true romantic at heart you will fall in love with Prince Callum Wakefield of THE family of royals in England. Yes, those royals. Callum is not in line for the throne so there is no bloodline restriction placed on his choice for matrimony. And that’s a good thing because he’s determined to pursue the one woman who has ever truly interested him and she’s not overly impressed by his royal lineage. Aspen Calhoun takes pride in the coffee shop/cafe business she’s built in Cunningham Falls Montana and of course she’s noticed Callum but let’s get real! She grew up in the foster care system and has no aspirations for social climbing. However, in “Taunting Callum” the force of Prince Callum’s determination is not to be ignored. Besides, he’s so charming, considerate and attentive, not to mention handsome, that Aspen is taken with him. The question is if their love and affection for one another is strong enough to withstand the.public’s negative reaction to one of their royals marrying a commoner? It’s been done before with varying degrees of success. However, not with an almost perfect prince charming and the slightly reluctant princess to-be. I loved them both but admit to falling in love with Callum. How could you not? And Aspen gets her share of sympathy and understanding because she’s honest, fair and hard-working and, of course, easy on the eyes.

Kristen Proby has again charmed this reader out of a good nights sleep but she’s forgiven because she delivered a delightful adult version of a fairy tale. I loved that the characters are real enough to drop the occasional F bomb and a few other choice swear words. It makes them all the more believable. No namby-pamby mealy-mouthed cutouts, but people you’d enjoy spending time with. The romantic plot was exactly what I needed as a picker upper and her writing, as always, is flawless. Five stars.

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