A Dreamy Romance for Your Reading Pleasure – Review of “Dream With Me” by Kristen Proby

If you want a romantic read that will pick you up and carry you away, “Dream With Me” has got you covered. This is the first book in The O’Callaghans Series and it has it all. The aforementioned romance, a bit of intrigue and the kind of family dynamics that are not uncommon in large clans where there are no secrets. At least none of any consequence.

Book one introduces us to world-renown glass artist Kane O’Callaghan and Anastasia Montgomery, an artist whose medium of choice is cake frosting. While her work may not have worldwide recognition, it is well known and appreciated in the Seattle area. Kane and Anastasia meet by chance at a museum and again at a charity function and the chemistry they create takes over from there. Kane’s reputation as a temperamental artist is well-earned but when it comes to Anastasia he is solicitous, attentive and thoughtful. and best of all, he’s an incomparable lover who knows his way around a woman’s body. Their compatibility in bed notwithstanding, can they overcome the obstacles presented by the physical distance between their respective places of business?

I’ve long been a fan of Kristen Proby and considering this first book on the O’Callaghans as an indication of the quality of the series, then I’m on board for the rest. The family dynamics alone provides fertile ground for plenty more books. It’s a shame that the romance genre is sometimes considered the literary world’s ugly stepchild because it’s a source of reading pleasure for hundreds of thousands of readers around the world in numerous languages. That is a record that cannot be ignored or made light of. Four stars.

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