Forty Something Isn’t Too Late – A review of “Man’s Best Friend” by Roxanne St. Claire

“Man’s Best Friend” Never Lets You Down

“Man’s Best Friend” is a heartwarming second chance romance between Declan Mahoney and Evie Hewitt who share a birthday, one year apart. They’d been BFFs since third grade and lost their virginity to each other but tragedy stepped on their promising bright futures and each went their separate way. Evie went on to become a noted veterinary neurologist and Declan stayed in Bitter Bark, following in his father’s footsteps as a firefighter.

The story picks back up when Evie is at a crossroad in her life and she returns to their hometown. Declan brings a stray mixed breed with a case of “wobbler’s syndrome” to her for treatment and their twenty year old attraction comes roaring back to life as if it was only yesterday that they were young and in love. But Declan is still tormented by the loss of his father in the fire that burned Evie’s family home. Can he finally get past that nightmare and fully commit to a future with Evie? Will the two family matriarchs, Gramma Finnie and Yaiyai, again be successful in pairing up these two, especially now that Evie’s aware her biological clock is ticking and the window for having the family she yearns for is rapidly closing?

My “go to” authors can always be counted on for a satisfying good read and Roxanne St. Claire is one of my favorite “go to” writers. I’ve loved the Dogfathers, Bullet Catchers, Barefoot Bay, Guardian Angelinos series and many of her stand-alone stories as well, so a lukewarm St. Claire review from me is rare. This sixth book in The Dogmothers series is a little too formulaic for my tastes. There’s not one big thing I can point to. All the necessary elements are present and accounted for but that extra zing that St. Claire is noted for is MIA. Is it an enjoyable read? Yes. Is it a satisfying read with the requisite HEA? Kinda sorta on the satisfying criteria but not what I consider compelling. Not exactly a disappointment but also not a “must read”. Three and a half stars.

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