What Happens in Lisbon Stays in Lisbon. Says who? A review of “The Weekend Away” by Sarah Alderson

What’s not to love about a girl’s weekend away with tons of carefree fun, kicking up their heels and having a rip-roaring good time? Orla and Kate have been lifelong friends for what seems like forever, especially as they’re approaching 40 but perhaps Orla is amore sensitive to the upcoming milestone With a husband and nine month old baby daughter she’s feeling (and looking, truth be told) a little matronly. Oh . My. Gawd. Kate, on the other hand, is as glitzy glamorous as ever and she’s anticipating this weekend away at a near frenetic pace. Kate is always up for a good time but Orla is sensing a feeling of desperation from her friend but later decides she’s let her imagination have too much free rein and dials it back a notch. But when Kate picks up two model-worthy hunks and the foursome heads back to their apartment, Orla is feeling out of place – being married and with a baby and all. Next thing she knows, her head is spinning, her speech is slurred and she’s driving the porcelain bus while her “escort” holds her hair back. Embarrassed seems inadequate even if she did just meet him. Could she be more embarrassed? Waking up the next day in an otherwise empty apartment, it takes a while to realize Kate’s gone but she’s left behind all her clothes and other belongings. And Orla who doesn’t speak Portuguese, begins a frantic search for her friend in Lisbon. Kate may be a tad irresponsible but she’d never just abandon her friend. Would she?

In her quest, Orla is befriended by Konstandin, an Uber driver from Kosovo, who serves as chauffeur, guide, translator and all ‘round source of information. He seems like one of the good guys but Orla is beginning to doubt her own judgment.

The Lisbon police are portrayed as a stereotype of the Keystone Kops – corrupt, buffoonish and generally inept and when Kate’s body is recovered from the river the autopsy shows a blunt force head injury prior to drowning. Kate was murdered and Orla is afraid the police will settle on her as their most likely suspect since she discovered Kate was having an affair with Rob, Orla’s husband. Motive enough wouldn’t you say?

In “The Weekend Away” author Sarah Alderson has woven an intricate tale of suspense with relatable characters and a plot packed with enough twists and turns to make your head spin. It’s a gripping tale guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat and Alderson’s writing is clean and crisp with nary a wasted word anywhere. Four stars.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.. My thanks to Net Galley for the privilege of reviewing “The Weekend Away”.

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Girl’s Wild Weekend Gone Wrong

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