Foul Play? – Review of “Two-Shot Foul” by D.B.Borton

Cat is riding high on the success of solving the case of the missing kitten and, as it turned out, simultaneously figuring out how a corpse ended up in her apartment building. That’s almost an unhealthy success rate for a beginner P.I. with zero training. Beginner’s luck or not, what do you do for an encore?

An empty-nester widow at age 60, Cat Caliban reinvented herself and plunged head first into a little OJT (On the Job Training) as a private investigator. Good news spreads fast and it isn’t long before she’s called on again, this time by a distraught mother whose teenage son was shot and killed.

Julius “Jukey” Kay was the opposite of the average American male teen. In fact, he was a fine example of what most parents hope for. Studious, civic-minded, kind, intelligent and well respected by classmates and teachers alike. Jukey’s mother wants to know who shot her son and why?

This time out Cat is hampered by a badly sprained ankle so she’s slowed down some by having to use a crutch. But it won’t stop her from finding Jukey’s killer. And when another supposedly healthy player drops dead on the basketball court, Cat doesn’t accept that it’s just a coincidence.

Cat Caliban is a character for the ages. She’s irreverent, not obsessed with her appearance, doesn’t sweat the cat hair on her clothes, swears like a sailor on shore leave, and enjoys a good G and T (gin and tonic) at day’s end, or maybe even midday if circumstances call for it. Cat is my hero.

This is the fourth D.B.Borton novel I’ve read and with each one I’m impressed by her keen observation of the nuances and authenticity of street slang that is prevalent in the Ohio Valley region. In “Two-Shot Foul” Borton delves more deeply into the underbelly of high school sports and the accompanying consequences of undue pressures from parents, coaches and faculty. A real eye-opener for the uninitiated. Four stars.

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