Hot to the Touch – Review of “Scandalous in a Kilt” by Anna Durand

To my female readers; envision this scenario and tell me how you’d respond. You’re sitting at the hotel bar in New Orleans, alone, having a quiet drink after a long flight. You were laid off from your computer programming job just prior to leaving for an unplanned three day weekend vacation in NOLA. A drop-dead gorgeous Scot in a kilt sits down on the adjacent bar stool and proceeds to invite you to join him in his room for “one night only” of some hot, mindless, no-strings sex.

This is the situation in which Emery Granger finds herself. After a few questions, the free-spirited Emery feels comfortable enough with Rory McTaggert that she throws all caution to the winds and asks herself “Why the hell not?” Now you and I can probably think of a few dozen reasons why not but let’s give Emery the green light to go with Rory’s proposal and see what happens. What happens is the best sexual experiences of her life.

Rory is an uptight and controlling solicitor (lawyer) by day and an incredibly talented lover by night. He’s survived three failed marriages and has no desire to try a fourth time but his family won’t let the idea go. Rory and Emery’s one-night stand turns into a marriage of convenience and Rory whisks Emery off to his castle in Scotland. Yes, an honest-to-God castle. Emery weathers the culture shock reasonably well but Rory’s need for control as a means of maintaining order in his life presents her with the most important challenge of her life.

“Scandalous in a Kilt” is Book three in author Anna Durand’s Hot Scots series. The characters are multi-faceted, the plot is straightforward with enough tension to keep things interesting and hold the reader’s attention and the narrative flows smoothly. Fair warning: This story offers up a heaping serving of explicit sex. However, it’s not gratuitous. It’s simply that both Emery and Rory have very active libidos. Several times I thought the wallpaper was going to start peeling off the walls because of the steam emanating from the pages of this book. A sizzling hot four stars.

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