It’s a Matter of Trust – Review of “Somewhere in Texas” by Eve Gaddy

Coastal Texas Romance

Cam (Cameron) Randolph was “celebrating” his 40th birthday in solitude, but that was by choice. There was no shortage of women in his life he could’ve celebrated with, but there also was no one special woman. Also by choice. Cam had a big heart and was content owning and operating the Scarlet Parrot Bar and Grille in Redfish Texas.

When Cam discovered an intruder in his basement, it wasn’t a down on his luck homeless guy, it was a girl. Well, a young woman – half starved, soaking wet, lips blue from the cold, and burning up with a high fever. Does Cam call the cops? No, he has her take a hot shower, gives her dry clothes, feeds her and puts her to bed in his spare room.

When Delilah St. John wakes up, she can’t believe Cam is helping her out of the goodness of his heart. She doesn’t trust his motives. Cam knows she’s running from someone but she won’t tell him who or why. But she clearly needs help so he gives her a job waiting tables and lets her stay in his spare room. There’s a mutual attraction but neither is willing to act on it. Yet.

“Somewhere in Texas” is Book three of The Redfish Chronicles. Somehow I skipped book two so I’m out of sequence but each is written as a stand-alone, so not a problem and three is a definite improvement over book one. Plot and pacing are on track and there is tension and suspense to spare. Both protagonists are likable sorts. Cam is a softie and Delilah is skittish as a new foal. She’s running from an abusive husband who isolated her, locked her up, beat her and threatened to kill her. She’s terrified that he’ll find her, even in this small coastal Texas town. Her fear is palpable and is easily transmitted to the reader. The romance between Cam and Delilah is sufficiently delayed so that when they both give in to their desires it doesn’t feel rushed or manipulated.

I wish I could say as much for the ending, which did seem rushed and a little too convenient. This is my second Eve Gaddy novel and I’m happy to say it won’t be my last. Four stars.

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