Change is Constant – A review of “Swerve” by Inglath Cooper

In the course of everyday living we go through the motions without much thought to how quickly circumstances can cause drastic changes in our lives, which gives meaning to the title of this book by Inglath Cooper. “Swerve” focuses on two sisters whose parents were killed in an auto accident. At the tender age
of eighteen, Emory becomes eight year old Mia’s guardian. Even with assuming that responsibility, Emory goes on to college and is now serving an internship as a doctor of psychiatry.

When now seventeen year old Mia and her friend Grace disappear from a music concert, Emory isn’t satisfied the police are doing enough and hires suspended detective Knox Helmer to help find the girls. He knows from experience that time is usually the deciding factor between life and death in cases of abduction. But can they find Mia before it’s too late?

“Swerve” has the necessary elements of a well plotted thriller; intrigue, suspense, and even some shoot ‘em up action. There are few surprises however in the characters. They are either good guys or baddies, except for Knox, who is charming and believably flawed. Emory’s character development is slow to emerge but winds up showing more depth than what is revealed earlier. The denouement is a bit too neat and quickly wrapped up but on the whole, it is an entertaining and fast-paced read. Four stars.

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