Unsatisfying Dessert – A review of “Summer Desserts” by Nora Roberts

I’m Still Hungry

As I finished reading “Summer Desserts” I wondered why I’d expended the energy it took to finish it. Up till now I’d been pleased reading some of NR reissues of works originally published in the mid-1980s but this one turned out to be a huge snooze.

The protagonist, Summer Lydon, is a world-renowned, globe trotting dessert chef who is very much in demand and very full of herself. She is hired by hotel magnate, Blake Cocharan, to transform his Philadelphia property into a gastronomic paradise. And of course the two strong personalities have an equally strong mutual attraction but demanding dual careers require compromises. Can they put aside their oversized egos and find their HEA?

My biggest problem with this book is there’s no mystery to it. Everything is laid bare – there’s nothing to reveal or learn about the characters. What you see is what you get. Too many pages are dedicated to descriptions of food prep and presentation. I suppose if you’re in the food & beverage industry you could conceivably find that more interesting than I did. I dunno’.

Summer isn’t especially likable which is a problem since she’s the main character. She’s hard to relate to so there’s no emotional attachment. Blake is a more sympathetic character and a more believable one.

As for a plot, there really isn’t one which brings me back to the boring issue. Even the love scenes lack authenticity. No plot, no mystery in the character development, no surprises, just blah, blah, blah about temperamental chefs, food, menus and kitchens. Two and a half stars.

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