Romance in the Highlands – A review of “The Rebel Wears Plaid” by Eliza Knight

Kilt Wearing Hero

I admit to having a soft spot for a handsome Scottish hero in a kilt and Toran Fraser fits that description. But when we first meet him, we can’t be sure if Toran is friend or foe, which probably adds to his appeal. Is he a loyalist or is he a Jacobite secretly working for the cause? And when he encounters the mysterious “Mistress J” she too is unsure where his loyalties lie. Her mission is clear – raise more money and recruit more men to the Prince’s cause. Toran joins Jenny’s roving band of rebels as they ride through the highlands on their mission to restore Bonnie Prince Charlie to the throne. But staying a step ahead of the king’s dragoons is fraught with peril. Is Jenny’s trust misplaced or can she rely on Toran when the odds are against them?

There’s plenty of swashbuckling action in “The Rebel Wears Plaid” as well as intrigue and suspense and a healthy dose of steamy romance. It’s well written and reasonably accurate from a historical standpoint. The characters are especially well developed and the physical description of the highlands’ stark beauty is particularly appealing. This era in Scotland is steeped in a history rich with lore and tales of bravery and I never tire of reading about this period. Four stars.

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