Storybook Duo – A review of “Big Bad Cowboy” by Carly Bloom

Western romances are a favorite of mine and “Big Bad Cowboy” hit all my feel good places. Getting into the characters was easy peasy because they’re not just likable, they’re as messed up as the rest of us. Okay, I suppose I should only speak for myself but what normal, red-blooded person wouldn’t be tantalized by a mystery lover? I found the plot concept intriguing and fun.

My heart went out to Travis who is suddenly presented with the responsibility of his five year old nephew, Henry. Having just gotten out of the service Travis had planned to sell the ranch and head for Austin and a new life but along with Henry, he’s also had to take over running the family ranch. He’s trying to make ends meet by taking on some landscaping jobs but he’s competing with Maggie Mackey who has a degree in landscape architecture and a retail flower shop and has already built a solid customer base. The situation doesn’t help Travis’ self-image of growing up on the wrong side of the tracks with a drunk for a father.

When the town had a big masquerade gala, Travis decided to have some fun with it and went dressed as the Big Bad Wolf and Maggie was disguised as Little Red Riding Hood. Their disguises were so good they had no idea who the other was but the sparks flew and the storybook pair wound up gettin’ it on in the garden shed at the rear of the property. What started out as a fun bit of role play turned out to be soul-shattering sex. The problems began when they continued their role play in a sexting format but only one of them knew the identity of the other. Look out when the one who is kept in the dark finds the light switch.

This was a very entertaining romantic romp. Some great catchy dialogue, steamy love scenes, sexual tension to spare, and a precocious five year old to keep everyone off balance.

My only criticism is the author Carly Bloom needs to refresh her knowledge of homophones, especially since she lives on a Texas cattle ranch. Cattle are run through a CHUTE on their way to the pens, not a SHOOT. And one feels like they’ve been put through a WRINGER, as in the old-style wringer washing machines, not a RINGER as in the signal from a phone. Also, that stuff you dump out of the coffee basket is GROUNDS not GRINDS. Since you’re a vegan you probably don’t do caffeine either. I don’t mean to be nitpicky but you’re a pro. Even so, a copy editor should’ve caught those faux pas. Four stars.

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