A Swing and a Miss – A review of “Hit and Run” by Lori Matthews

Racing the Clock

I was prepared to escape into the world of romantic suspense but “Hit and Run” didn’t live up to its hype as a “thrilling novel”. Dani Pierce is considered a “black hat” hacker and as such, is scorned by Gage Callahan who was hired to protect her. It seems she’s “borrowed” code from the Chinese and they’re after her to get back what she stole. Dani is racing the clock to develop a facial recognition software that is more sophisticated than anything currently available. She has a young friend who is dying and Dani is frantically trying to find her friend’s birth parents before Carly succumbs to her illness.

This third book in the Callahan Securities series opens in Juneau Alaska with a dynamite scene of an actual hit and run, with Dani as the intended target. But some unfortunate woman who just happened to be wearing a similar outfit as Dani was the mistaken victim. (That little coincidence was never fully explained.) As a monster storm is approaching and all avenues of escape are closed off, the hapless pair boards a cruise ship hoping to elude whoever is chasing them and to get out before the storm hits. Can they stay one step ahead of the bad guys or do they keep dogging Dani and Gage?

As the drama unfolds and plays out it is riddled with unlikely scenarios and inconsistencies. Then there is the requisite attraction between the two protagonists, although it’s another case of insta-love/lust. Just your average trope for adding a bit of zest to an otherwise ho-hum storyline but I never felt a strong connection between the pair. Speaking of inconsistencies, the pacing is all over the place and when it slows down, it slows to a crawl.

All in all, this Lori Matthews novel didn’t impress me. Matter of fact I came very close to consigning it to the ever increasing DNF category. But I persevered and finished it. Phew! Three stars.

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