Uber Alpha SEAL Rescue – A review of “SEAL Ever After” by Makenna Jameison

It’s a lazy Saturday so I decided to indulge myself in a romantic suspense featuring Navy SEAL Captain Ryan Mitchell and his free-spirited fiancée Sarah Foster. In “SEAL Ever After” Ryan and Sarah decide to make their relationship permanent in a beach wedding but Sarah is abducted just prior to the ceremony by a man connected to a sex trafficking ring in Mexico. Ryan frantically pulls his team and resources together to find her but the odds are not good for a rapid recovery considering the paucity of information they have to go on. Can he find Sarah before it’s too late?

This is a standalone book in the Alpha SEALs series by Makenna Jameison and has all the requisite elements of a quick beach read. The abduction plot is not particularly original but the characters are likable enough to forgive the trope. Ryan’s character is uber alpha but even so, his personality complements Sarah’s outgoing lighthearted ways. What really stands out in this SEAL escapade is the sizzling hot lovemaking. So if you enjoy explicit sex scenes, you will find plenty of them in book fifteen of this series. They’re steamy enough to strip off the wallpaper. Four stars.

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Uber Alpha SEAL Action

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