South American Abduction – A review of “Forced Disappearance” by Dana Marton

On a business trip to Venezuela, Glenn Danning had suffered a “Forced Disappearance” (euphemism for abduction). Traveling abroad as a U.S. citizen can be hazardous to one’s health, especially in countries where hating Americans has become commonplace.

On her first assignment for the CPRU (Civilian Personnel Recovery Unit) Miranda Soto is sent to Venezuela to rescue Glenn who has suffered unspeakable torture while in captivity. Glenn and Miranda had a shared history and he relied on those memories as a distraction while in captivity. They met and fell in love when they were engineering students at MIT. Convinced she didn’t fit into his world, Miranda had left him but he had never moved on.

Their escape from his captors turns out to be short-lived as they’re recaptured, certain that more of the same torture is in their immediate future. Each more concerned for the other’s welfare they set about planning their break to get out of Venezuela. Their race through the jungle is harrowing and fraught with danger but the danger of recapture is a strong deterrent. Their shared goal: Get out alive.

“Forced Disappearance” is an action-packed romantic adventure that takes off like a rocket and holds a mostly steady course to its destination. The pacing is rapid and nearly non-stop with only a few brief lulls in the action. But nothing that induced yawns.

Author Dana Marton lets us get to know both main characters – their backgrounds and motivations, their hopes and fears, their strengths and weaknesses, so it was easy to care about them and get invested in their welfare. Her writing talent is evident with clear and concise prose that’s never fluffy. There’s not a wasted word to be found. Just uncommonly good writing wrapped up in a riveting plot. What more can we ask for? Four stars.

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South American Abduction

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