Opposites DO Attract – A review of “All it Takes” by Kristen Proby

Perception vs Reality

Attorney Quinn Cavanaugh doesn’t fit the expected image of a successful attorney, although he is successful. But when he’s not in the courtroom or his office doing lawyerly things, he’s he’s out on the open road in his beloved Porsche. Quinn works hard so he sees no reason why he shouldn’t play hard too, and he has no plans to slow down or settle down with one woman. The women he takes out know the score or he wouldn’t be taking them out. Maybe some day he’ll decide to settle for just one woman, but not in the foreseeable future. However things might change when sexy Sienna Hendrix enters the picture.

Sienna is a city attorney so she has set hours which allows her plenty of leisure time to pursue her avocation of painting and spending quality time with her family. She’s stunningly beautiful and, unlike Quinn, she leads a quiet life and she likes it that way.

Sienna is trying to save a piece of property that belongs to her family and Quinn’s client is trying to claim that piece of property. The question is, who is the rightful owner? The judge orders Quinn and Sienna to work together and definitively establish ownership.

Spending so much time together inevitably leads to an intimate relationship between the two attorneys, which could be considered at least unprofessional and borderline unethical. The fact that they’ve done nothing illegal is clouded by the perception of their relationship. When perception clashes with reality, perception wins every time. A crucial piece of evidence was revealed to Quinn but his source is protected by attorney client privilege. Thus the no-win mess they’re in. Can they find the necessary documentation in time or is someone withholding evidence?

“All it Takes” is a quick fun romance read. The love scenes are steamy and the banter between Sienna and Quinn had me grinning and chuckling. The pacing is perfect, no long-winded musings or pontificating. Just smart dialogue and a bit of suspense and family drama to spice things up. As to plot, well…..
that’s a non-issue.

However, where this Kristen Proby novel truly shines is in her characters. Proby made the dual protagonists and even the minor characters really come alive. In book two of the Romancing Manhattan series, we get to know them intimately and feel their emotions. A rare treat in what many consider a “beach read”. I loved it. Based on a thin plot, four stars.

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