Vintage Nora Roberts Weekend – A review of “Dangerous Embrace”

A Twofer of Romantic Adventure

As the Queen of Romance, Nora Roberts’ stories are like good wines. They withstand the test of time. “Dangerous Embrace” is a 2-in-one collection of two vintage Roberts books: “Treasures Lost, Treasures Found” and “Risky Business”. Both originally published in 1986, they’ve held up well for 35 years and the only clue that they’re not current is the absence of electronic gadgets, including the ubiquitous cell phone. Oh, and cigarettes too. People were smoking like steam engines in that era but you’ll not hear me waxing nostalgic for a comeback of the nicotine habit.

In “Treasures Lost, Treasures Found” Kate Hardesty hires Ky Silver to help her find an eighteenth century English merchant ship that went down in the Outer Banks area near Ocracoke Island. Even though Kate swore she’d never trust Ky again, he was the only person for the job. Until her father’s death Kate hadn’t known of his interest in finding this shipwreck and its cargo of gold. In his desk she found a cache of detailed maps, navigational charts, tide tables, etc. pinpointing what should be the location, but there were no guarantees and deep sea diving is risky business. Can they bury the hatchet and work together to search for gold?

“Risky Business” is set in Cozumel. Ex-pat Liz Palmer migrated to the Caribbean island ten years ago. With an abundance of hard work and a single-minded concentration she had made a life for herself and her daughter. Her dive shop and glass bottom tour boat businesses were successful because of her focus on details and satisfying the customer. But her orderly life takes a 180 U-turn when one of her employees is murdered and his twin brother Jason comes to Cozumel determined to avenge Jerry’s death. Working together they discover Jerry had been involved in drug smuggling and it had cost him his life. To further.complicate matters, there is an undeniable attraction between Liz and Jason. Even though Liz is averse to a romantic involvement, the chemistry between them is not to be denied. Can Jason convince her to “let go” and just “feel”?

Several years ago I thought I had read every book written by Nora Roberts but I was mistaken. These two romantic adventures had eluded my notice and I have to say I’m glad I discovered them. Four stars.

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