Looking for a Beach Read? Try “Home to Me” by Catherine Bybee

Can Erin Stop Running Now?

If you need a book for your next trip to the beach, Catherine Bybee’s “Home to Me” is entertaining enough and deals with the sensitive subject of spousal abuse. Erin has been running from her abusive ex-husband for what seems like forever. She lives in a constant state of alertness, always looking over her shoulder
and generally keeping a low profile. When she lands in Santa Clarita, CA Erin hopes she’s safe and can maybe stop running.

When she meets Matt, the mutual attraction is so powerful it scares her. Picking up on cues from her body language, Matt senses her wariness and is extra careful to keep his actions and movements non-threatening. Eventually Erin trusts him enough to tell him about her ex and the injuries she suffered in her marriage. Can they find him before he finds Erin?

I’ve always enjoyed Catherine Bybee’s books, including this second book in the Creek Canyon series. It has a good plot, characters I was able to get invested in, a bit of suspense and action but barely any romance at all. There’s not even a hint of sexual activity except to describe them removing each other’s clothing on her living room couch. That’s it. Nada. No mas. I don’t remember ever reading such a vanilla romance. Big disappointment? No, just disappointing. Every beach read should have a good romance or a ton of suspense. A romantic suspense is even better. Three and a half stars.

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