DNF “The Labyrinth Key” by Christopher Cartwright

Snoozer – DNF

I’m putting “The Labyrinth Key” on the Did Not Finish shelf. Hate to do that but…….

I really dislike having to DNF a book but “The Labyrinth Key” by Christopher Cartwright simply didn’t do it for me. After frequently dozing off through the first 27 chapters I realized I didn’t care what happened in the next chapter let alone the forty-something remaining chapters I’d have to slog through to finish the book. I couldn’t get invested in any of the characters. They’re like cardboard cutouts and it wasn’t that I disliked Tom or Sam, I just didn’t care what happened to them. So I skipped all the way to the last two chapters and the Epilogue to find out if I would regret my actions. Nope! Thus, my DNF on this one.

I wish Goodreads would give us a DNF category so readers wouldn’t be required to award unearned stars. In this case I felt that the writing itself, from a purely grammatical standpoint, deserved three stars. That’s the best I can muster for this snoozer.

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