Thrills and Chills – A review of “Passenger 19” by Ward Larsen

A Disappearing Act to Beat All

“Passenger 19” was my first venture into the exploits of Jammer Davis and I was happy to be pleasantly surprised. The last several books I read were kind of ho-hum so my expectations weren’t high. But I’m ever hopeful that the next book will make slogging through the dreck worthwhile. Jammer did that. He’s brash and bold, courageous when need be, impetuous at times and patience ain’t even in his vocabulary. Jammer is assigned to investigate the crash of a jet that went down over the Andes with 19 passengers and three crew members, including his daughter Jen, who was on her way to South America for a semester abroad.

From early on, the investigation went smoothly. Too smoothly in fact. Jammer got to the crash site and found three dead men in the cockpit and no survivors in the plane wreckage but the body count was two short of what the passenger manifest indicated. Jen and another girl could still be alive. He just had to find them and figure out what caused the crash.

The plot takes several twists and turns, and every question Jammer gets an answer to seems to raise even more questions. But he doesn’t let that stop him. He bulls his way around, under or over anyone in the way of finding the answers and finding Jen.

Except for Jammer and his daughter, the characters are flat stereotypes of what we would expect to find in S.A. And when the bodies start piling up, look out ‘cuz nothing is as it appears and evidence mounts that someone at a much higher pay grade is pulling the strings.

In the first half of the book, the pacing is sluggishly slow. So slow in fact I began to wonder why it was touted as a thriller. But the pace did eventually pick up and took off like the shuttle to the moon. Some of Jammer’s shenanigans had me doing eye rolls but on the whole, “Passenger 19” lived up to its billing as a thriller. Will I be on the lookout for more Jammer Davis books? Probably yes. Four stars.

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